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Bali Swimming Pool Safety When There Are Children Around

Owning a private swimming pool on your villa property in Bali is a great addition and offers a lot of fun for yourself and your family. Although having your own pool can offer a lot of fun, the pool can also pose a danger if you have kids around the house. If you are patient enough to wait, it would be better to wait until your children are least 5 years old or older before you decide to complete your Bali villa property by installing a pool. Alternatively, if your Bali villa is already equipped with a swimming pool, there are a few options available in order to protect your little ones.

An important thing to remember is to never let your children to be alone or unguarded near your pool. Strangely enough children have a tendency to be pulled to the water, and all it takes is a split second for them to tumble in your pool. If you and your children are busy near the pool and you are planning to leave the pool area for a moment, you should always bring your children with you.

To be safe and sound, it is advised to have a supply of safety equipment in and around the pool most of the time. It is imperative to care for safety to be Villa Kalimaya Baliavailable around because it can save the life of a young child or any other person who cannot swim. It is also advisable to invest in a shepherd’s life hook because you can use it to pull someone out of the water quickly if necessary, especially for larger swimming pools. Suffice to say that having access to a phone near the pool in order to promptly call for help in the case of an emergency.

It is also a good idea to consider setting up a fence around the pool. This is a great method to guard your pool from children and will not cost much in Bali. After the pool fence is finished and erected alongside the pool, you do not need to worry again about the possible danger of the children falling in the pool when you are away. In addition, it is advisable to make sure that the pool fence is high enough and if possible equipped with a locking mechanism. In that way, the kids would have a lot of trouble to get into the pool without holding the key – needles to say that you should keep the key with you at all times.

Another important matter is to learn CPR as well. Hopefully you never have to use it however knowing how to perform CPR can save a life especially if a small kid has fallen in the pool and does not breathe anymore. Whenever there are kids or persons in the vicinity of the pool who cannot swim, it is best to stay close to them in order to quickly respond in case they fall in the pool. A split second is all it can take to save a person’s life.


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  3. Vinyl Pool Fence  August 12, 2018

    Obviously, need pool safety and it can easily possible by setting fences around the pool in a home or lake. Anyhow, the little baby or child can fall into the water of the pool and any animal also.


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