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Bali Is The Island Of A Thousand Temples

The Indonesian island of Bali is very popular among tourists from all countries. The pleasant climate, friendly people and beautiful scenery are main reasons why so many people love the place however Bali also has much to offer on a cultural level. In contrary to the predominantly Muslim population of Indonesia, the largest part of the Balinese population is Hindu. Influences of this religion are found throughout the island. One of the best examples of this influence can be found in the numerous temples (Pura) in Bali. The island is therefore called the island of a thousand temples.

Different types of temples
Temples exist in many different shapes and sizes and serve several different purposes. There are house temples, family temples, temples in the shape of a village, temples in caves, temples that honor rice fields or even honor monkeys. Because of this diversity not all temples in Bali are equally important. Most of these temples are used solely by locals while others have become popular tourist attractions.

There are a lot of similarities between the thousands of temples. They are always built on a line Bali Hinduextending from the sea to a mountain while the most sacred part of the temple built closest to the mountain. Generally, the temple exists of three parts: a front portion, a courtyard and the inner most sacred part. This section contains shrines for praying to the major gods and is therefore often not accessible for tourists. Additionally, it is often required as a non Hindu to cover your legs with long trousers or a traditional sarong if you wish to enter a sacred temple. Women who are having their period are also not allowed to enter the temple grounds. The typical split gate to the temple symbolizes the cosmic mountain that is split by the negative and positive forces of the universe. Every 270 days, the birthday of a temple is to be celebrated with a temple festival held by the local Balinese community.

Kahyangan Jagat
The main temples of the island are the nine so-called Kahyangan Jagat temples. Because of the beautiful architecture, often enormous size and unique location these are also the most popular temples among the tourists. These temples, which protect the island against evil spirits, are often the stage for traditional dance performances.

The many temples all over Bali are not only beautiful to look at and to visit but are also an important part of the island’s culture. Next time you are in Bali do not forget to visit a few of these impressive and sacred temples.

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