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Bali Jimbaran Bay Indonesia

Bali is the ultimate holiday destination. No matter if you come all the way from the United States, Europe, Australia or from within the Asia Pacific region. Bali and especially the Jimbaran bay will amaze every visitor. The Jimbaran bay lies just south of the more well known Bali Kuta Beach area.

The Jimbaran Bay has grown in popularity tremendously the last few years. As larger and more up class hotels have come to the area the area is thriving but not over crowded.

Sunsets at Bali Jimbaran
Jimbaran Bay offers some of the most amazing sunsets in the world. The sun is the sun, wherever you go however the clarity of the air, offers the Jimbaran Bay a spectacle of colours all year round when the sun sinks in the sea.

Whether you are walking the pristine fine white sandy beaches of the bay, or sipping a cooling aperitif at the many beach bars and restaurants. Cuddle up because everyone will experience romantic moments here.

Restaurants At Jimbaran Bay
The Jimbaran bay offers some of the freshest seafood from the local islands. The catch of the day is brought in by local fishermen, who offer their ware to the local restaurants and hotels. Most hotels in this area employ top chefs from around the globe. Therefore the seafood at Jimbaran Bay is mouth watering.Bali Jimbaran Beach

The Bali restaurants found at any of the hotels are all star quality, and guests can feel pampered when dining at Jimbaran Bay.

Furthermore, you can also find some fine and exquisite dishes at the local restaurants.

Private Villas At Jimbaran Bay
The nature surrounding the Jimbaran Bay is in one word abundant. Rest and tranquillity is what people come for in this part of the globe. Jimbaran Bay offers the luxury of owning a Bali private villa for the week or month. An experience, every traveller should have enjoyed at least once in his life. With or without swimming pool, with or without sea view, budget or high-end the Jimbaran Bay villas are among the best of the island.

There are some booking agencies that just specialize on the local Bali private villa market. They often can offer you fabulous value for money, as they know every villa in the area, and can exactly cater to your needs and budget.

When visiting Bali in Indonesia do not hesitate to visit Jimbaran Bay. Try out the local Bali restaurants and the fabulous and sumptuous seafood. Once visited this wonderful bay you will come back for more.

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