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Ancient Aryan And The Brahmanism Religion

Many centuries Before Christ, the Aryans lived as shepherds and farmers north of the Himalayan Mountains. Because of three large population movements they also spread over a large part of Asia and Europe. A portion went to the West and became the ancestors of the Persians while others migrated to the south, through the plains from Afghanistan to Indonesia. In this country the immigrant population of the Aryans moved freely undisturbed while in the countries of the ancient India, other ...

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The Lost Dutch East Indies

Dutch East Indies is the name of a Dutch colony, which comprised the area now known as Indonesia. The colony was created after the dissolution of the VOC in 1798. The VOC was a trading company that several islands, regions and cities in Southeast Asia in his possession. VOC from these countries traded mainly in spices such as nutmeg, mace, cloves and cinnamon, but later also manufactured rubber and tobacco. Due to fierce competition from the British and the French ...

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