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Bali Tourist Attractions Not To Miss

  1. 1.      Elephant Safari Park, Taro

You can enjoy an amazing elephant sanctuary with spectacular gardens. It is your choice whether you want to learn more about elephants, go elephant riding around the park, spend the entire day there or stay in the hotel. You can also find a restaurant located near a gift shop providing all kinds of elephant souvenirs, plus you will be able to have a view of the lake there. If you want to have more fun, ...

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Bali Is The Island Of A Thousand Temples

The Indonesian island of Bali is very popular among tourists from all countries. The pleasant climate, friendly people and beautiful scenery are main reasons why so many people love the place however Bali also has much to offer on a cultural level. In contrary to the predominantly Muslim population of Indonesia, the largest part of the Balinese population is Hindu. Influences of this religion are found throughout the island. One of the best examples of this influence can be found ...

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The Sacred And Famous Tanah Lot Temple

One of the best places in Bali to see, the Tanah Lot temple in Bali is known for its mystical self and called the baby of the seas. Located on the beautiful fringes of Beraban, Tabanan Regency in Kediri and around thirty kilometers from Denpasar, one must visit the Tanah Lot temple in Bali. One of the hotspots for tourists from all across the globe, the temple offers the human eye a treat of the wonderful sunsets, every evening. Don’t ...

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