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Five bedroom Darya in Seminyak for rent

Five bedroom Darya in Seminyak for rent

If you are planning your next vacation and do not know where to go, then stop and look no further. You are about to be introduced to your dream destination. Best part is that we are not only going to introduce you to your destination, but you are also going to be offered a great deal on this five bed room Seminyak rental. This holiday home is available for rent at a very reasonable price, but let us not get side tracked. This dream destination is of course Bali! Yes you got it “the island of gods” it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Indonesia and perhaps in the whole of South East Asia.

If you happen to go to Bali then you just have to stay at Seminyak which can be regarded as the one of the best parts of Bali. Actually you just may be in luck if you are trying to plan a family trip or a group visit because the five bedroom house Darya for rent is the perfect place for you and your family or friend to stay at during your visit to Bali. Having said that let us stick to the introduction of Seminyak, if you are looking for a popular tourist destination then it has to be Bali and if you have to stay somewhere in Bali, then it has to be Seminyak.

It is just 20 minutes drive from the international airport and the great thing about Seminyak is that there is something for everybody in this lovely town such as great eateries which offer everything from Western delicacies, to traditional foods native to the island, adventure sports like bungee jumping and scuba diving, to partying and night life. It has something for everyone; here in this small corner of paradise you can find a great residence in five bed room Seminyak house Daria for rent. It is a grand house with a fabulous view of private swimming pool and beautiful and blooming tropical garden. It comes complete with five spacious bed rooms with excellent natural lighting and if you want a hassle free holidays this is a perfect base camp for all your daily needs. It is situated near some of the greatest and most famous restaurants in Seminyak area including the famous Oberoi food street which is just in walking distance from where you will be living.

The Seminyak area is famous for its quality boutiques and restaurants and streets are lined with shops which offer great stuff but do not forget to bargain because haggling is a very important part of your shopping experience but where you do not need to haggle is the five bed house that you are going to rent on your visit because they offer great options such as airport transfers, kitchen staff, maid service, rent a bike, rent a car and babysitting. So hopefully you are going to have a great stay at Seminyak Bali in five bed room house Daria.


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