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Why not buy your dream home

Why not buy your dream home

Though the island of Bali is famous among loads of travelers, for many people across the North American region, the destination is quite unknown. There are residents of the country that have never heard or aren’t familiar with the Indonesian island of Bali. The island seems to have not acquired much recognition for other factors however its beautiful water front and lucrative real estate properties are quite a pull for many. In fact, the popularity of tourists from the USA is scarce in the tourism industry. But there are hoards of Australian and Japanese visitors that descend to the land and indulge themselves in the exotic climate and infectiously soothing nature of this Indonesian island.

The present industry statistics claim that the number of American tourists Bali attracts is rising increasingly with many visiting the place over and over again after falling in love with it. There are also many such travelers that have shown keen interest in the amazing opportunities the place has to offer. This is why it is not hard to find many tourists mesmerized and by the incredibly beautiful island. Think of the rice paddies field after field, lush vegetation, coffee plantations, lakes, volcanic mountains and the soothing warm beaches along the Indian Ocean coastline. Need we say more? Well, this is the picture of Bali – the heavenly land of picturesque beauty.

villa nusa dua for saleThere are visitors to the land that have been so ecstatic of the place and decided to move to the location forever. These people have been smitten by the lives that they have attained in Bali is certainly not surprising. Investments in real estate offers luxurious residential stay facilities that include the Balinese styled semi-open air homes amid rice fields. These homes are made of high rafter ceilings as well as intricately designed and carved wooden doors. Deciding to reside in the land helps the buyers as Balinese people have a friendly behavior and are quite happy to interact with travellers. It is the island’s colorful culture and engaging atmosphere that appeals to the foreign visitors and even investors trying to set foot in the alluring property business.

Property investing is a thriving business that is popular among investors abroad to even retirees looking to visit the island to soak in the paradise. Coastal areas in the land are still popular and provide better value to investors. Ubud the town is more center to the island, which is more costly and sought for among residents. It is quite unique as the region is the only town that is non-coastal comprising of high-end elegant infrastructure, shops, restaurants, bars and other venues. The Balinese measure land by “are” which is the size of 1076 square feet. The land in urban areas costs about $75,000 per are (100 m2) and $10,000 outside town on average. The farther inland property is generally cheaper in price. Many retirees would rather choose to avail a home in Nusa Dua as the area is laid back and quickly becoming a favourite.

Well, foreign residents here enjoy the exclusive facility of exotic housing on the island. You too can enjoy the benefits of staying at such a place by purchasing your dream home in Bali.

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