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Famous Eat Street In Bali Seminyak Oberoi If You Fancy Great Restaurants

When in Bali, don’t miss the food and when you think food, think eat street in Oberoi Seminyak also called Jalan Laksamana. When you check into the arms of the Oberoi or stay in Legian Seminyak, don’t forget to get a bite to eat at the “Reflections restaurant”, which is in walking distance from the main centre. The most famous eateries in Seminyak are Trattoria, Rumours and Ultimo, which are popular visits for locals and tourists alike 365 days a year.

Most restaurants such as Trattoria, Rumours and Ultimo would start with a welcome drink for free and present you with a menu offering lip smacking dishes. Menus that are a favourite with tourists include Belgian beers, fine wines and the mouth watering Beef Tenderloin wrapped in bacon.

You could also check out other local cuisines and eateries in the neighbourhood, which specialize in Thai food, such as the famous “Thai Express”. Dig your fangs into the delicious Kai Kapraw, which is basil based and made with chicken. Also the Tom Yum Goong is a spicy sweet and sour soup made from shrimps and finally don’t leave without having the best salad in south East Asia, the seafood bunch. Every meal is priced modestly and one wouldn’t for a moment feel bad on spending some cash for such delicacies, since every bite and penny is worth it.

Check another eatery in Legian, DROPS, which has an entrance built consisting of water and glass with a live pond below it. This restaurant is bang opposite of “Casa Padma” and while you eat there feel free to enjoy the scenery and tourists passing by. What served hot here are the STEAKS. You could also walk into the JP’s Warungclub in Dhyana Pura Street for an excellent evening out with family and close ones. The ambience is perfect and the staff is very customer centric. If you want to enjoy imported wines with seafood and delightful live music, then “Rumours and Ultimo” are the places you want to be every evening. The specialty in Ultimo is the famous plate of NASI GORENG (fried rice) and do not of course forget their Italian delicacies.

Two other new eateries in Dhyana Pura Seminyak are Menu restaurant and Passargard restaurant. Menu is run by a friendly Australian couple and offer great Western cooking. Passargard is situated next to Menu and is run by Iranians offering delicious dishes with their version of Spaghetti Seafood being our favourite.
Our next hotspot at eat street would be the Il Cielo, which is near to the hotel Vira Bali in Kartika Kuta. The place is so cosy that you would never want to leave it, even if it is long after you have had your fill. Talking about food here, the answer is one word, MARVELLOUS. Tourists throng this place for the famous pizza margarita and the Hatten Rose as starters.

So if you are in a mood to tickle your taste buds, you know now that EAT STREET beckons!!

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