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Bali Is a Favorite Holiday Destination With Australians

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself amongst Australians in plenty when you visit Bali. Some say it is sometimes like living in mini Australia because many of the tourists and expats living in Bali are foreigners and approximately seventy percent constitutes Australian nationals.

Bali to a traveller is known as the island of the Gods and Australians love everything about Bali. The look, the feel, the culture and even the local Balinese cuisine have a strong impact on most Australians ...

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The Lost Dutch East Indies

Dutch East Indies is the name of a Dutch colony, which comprised the area now known as Indonesia. The colony was created after the dissolution of the VOC in 1798. The VOC was a trading company that several islands, regions and cities in Southeast Asia in his possession. VOC from these countries traded mainly in spices such as nutmeg, mace, cloves and cinnamon, but later also manufactured rubber and tobacco. Due to fierce competition from the British and the French ...

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The Sacred And Famous Tanah Lot Temple

One of the best places in Bali to see, the Tanah Lot temple in Bali is known for its mystical self and called the baby of the seas. Located on the beautiful fringes of Beraban, Tabanan Regency in Kediri and around thirty kilometers from Denpasar, one must visit the Tanah Lot temple in Bali. One of the hotspots for tourists from all across the globe, the temple offers the human eye a treat of the wonderful sunsets, every evening. Don’t ...

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Apartment Renting In Seminyak Legian

Why go running around in the sweltering heat when you can choose to use the services online, while searching for rented places around Legian Seminyak? You can now do the same by logging on to the internet and search for cheap rented apartments these days. Before booking your trip, you can now take a look at the vast options Legian Seminyak has on offer for you.

Recent statistics show a rise in rented accommodation demands around Legian Seminyak. The market for ...

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Canggu is a Favourite When Seeking Peace and Quiet

If you are looking for peace and quiet times while staying in Bali, we recommend Canggu. This charming place is actually a village which is rural and rustic. There are plenty of rice terraces that run across the coastline dotted by surf breaks here and there. The area is mystical and very tranquil in its own rights. This is a place where most tourists would escape to, when they want to be away from the loud crowds and noisy ways ...

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Moving to Bali

Ask anyone where they would like to party and live this summers and BALI undoubtedly would be among the top most choices. The island is known to be magical for all age groups; there is something about the warmth and friendliness plus the climate of the island nation, which brings expats, travellers, scholars and tourists from all over the world to her shores. Today we would like to tell you all about moving to Bali, the current market rates as ...

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