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Every year, thousands of people make their way to the beautiful island of Bali. Overflowing with incredible sights and sounds, friendly people, unique cultural treasures, historical places and tropical wildlife. Bali is a great place to spend a week or even a few months. One thing that is just starting to become popular with visitors, is the possibility to have your very own piece of this magical island.

Many parts of the world are seeing a slowdown in their real estate sector, with some places seeing an outright collapse.
Bali real estate is in high demand right now with the big hotels snatching up small private villas to use as expensive luxury suites. Due to the rise in tourism and the international demand for handcrafted Balinese items, the economic conditions right now make it the perfect opportunity for you to have the little piece of paradise that you deserve. Don’t let the big boys have all the fun, you too can invest in real estate.

The selection of properties available is very attractive and the prices are affordable compared to the actual worth of the properties. That is probably because when people think about Bali, they envision lush tropical forests, colorful flowers and exotic wildlife. They don’t usually think about money. While the magic of Bali cannot be bought or sold, the real estate properties can. If you think you might be interested in owning a piece of property, here are some tips for buying your home or plot of land.Bali cliff ocean view

The first one concerns used measurements. All of the property listings in Bali are in square meters, so if you are unfamiliar with the metric system you will need to know how to convert feet into meters, that way you know how big a piece of property you are buying actually is. 1 sq. ft = 0.09 sq meters or 1 sq meter = 10.8 sq ft. Becoming familiar with these conversions will help you figure out if the property you are looking at will meet your needs. Whether you plan to just have a private little Balinese hideaway, all to yourself, or turn it into a popular villa rental, you will need to make sure that the space fits your needs.

Another thing to keep in mind, is that it is important to actually see the property before you buy. While this is good tip for any kind of real estate transaction, this is especially important if you are not a native of the island and are therefore not as familiar with the landscape and surrounding area. Important things like proximity to shopping and entertainment are important and details about the physical structure such as location of power outlets and the amount of closet space are things that are difficult to ascertain from a picture. You can use the excuse of investigating a property purchase for a reason to take a month long vacation. And because there are so many wonderful properties, you may just end up turning your month long vacation villa into your second home.

The island of Bali has long been known for it’s breathtaking beauty, rich cultural heritage, and now it is becoming known for it’s incredible investment properties. You could own your own chain of villas, or a nice cosy Balinese bed and breakfast. Maybe you want your own private getaway place or a unique location for a corporate retreat. The choice is yours. But whatever you choose, remember that the Balinese are friendly and welcoming to everyone.


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