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Realty Market Attracting Investors

Realty Market Attracting Investors

Bali is one of the most favorite destination choices for holiday makers around the world. Not only for holiday makers but there is a significant boom in real estate purchases, say real estate agents. In Indonesia there is an economic boom in many industries and luxury property investment is one of the major opportunities in the popular tourist island.

Around 3 million tourists visited the city last year which broke the previous record of tourists arriving in the Ngurah Rai International Airport. Even big hotels like the Banyan Tree, Bvlgari, Starwoods chic W and the Alila Adorn hospitality have opened around 224 private pool villas. This clearly shows the staggering increment in arrival of tourists in Bali.

According to Bali Land Property the tourism market has grown really well in recent times. The real estate businesses have also increased as domestic buyers are keen to buy new property foreseeing the increase in tourism in Indonesia. Cities like Luxury Bali villaJakarta, regional tourists spots like in Thailand are the main streamline areas where buying and selling of properties are on top list of marketplace.

A well-known Global Financial Institution, says that more than 50,000 millionaires from Indonesia are interested in buying up villas and condo hotels to accommodate tourists from around the world in Indonesia. Due to this significant rise in the tourism business, a report says, more than 6,000 condos units are already in their development stages. Big and small investors have their eyes on properties. Investors are looking for such villas which can get long term profits by providing popular holiday accommodation in beautiful landscape.

Currently Bali has more than 1,200 Villas and they all are providing great services with occupancy levels as good as the major resorts within the vicinity. Bali land Property has always been trying to study the factors that influence the tourism sectors and they have seen the major turnover in tourism business in recent times. There is a good future and if one can maintain a stable market, the tourism sector will grow substantially.

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