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Serangan Turtle Island Conservation Centre

Have you ever been to Serangan island turtle conservation centre otherwise referred to as the Turtle Conservation and Education Centre (TCEC)? Well if you haven’t, you are missing out one of the most wonderful experiences in life. This is one of the places you would love to visit during the holidays; it is an amazing sightseeing centre that you should not miss out, a home away from home if you know just what that means!

Where to find Serangan turtle conservation centre

The conservation centre is found in Bali Nusa Dua approximately 3Km south of Sanur. Prior to its formation, the island was a centre of Balinese trade in turtle meat because turtles are believed to be a very essential component of Hindu religious rituals. The creatures however faced a lot of humiliation and were dying in large numbers so this activity was fortunately outlawed. Therefore the turtle conservation programme is a great success as it is today.

The role of the TCEC 

The main reason that brought this centre into being was the need to rehabilitate this endangered marine life: the turtle. So basically, the centre plays several interrelated roles such as education for academic purpose where college and university students and also school children learn about marine life. The turtles also create a great tourism attraction but above all conservation and research is done to ensure that the turtles are healthy and well protected. In the process, the centre and the locals are able to gain financially since booming businesses are held around the area.

Thing you can look forward to

If you are out to have fun in Serangan turtle conservation centre, then there is a lot you can look forward to. While here, you get the opportunity to ride in a boat. Most of them are glass bottomed in such a way that while riding, you can take a good view of the turtleBali turtle islands and all other creatures and things that are there to see in the water. Isn’t that an amazing experience? But that is not all; you get to learn a few things about turtles and marine life in general, you will see turtle eggs even when hatching, and if you are among the many who love adventure you may even decide to learn more or volunteer in the conservation centre and contribute.

They say Serangan island turtle conservation centre is ‘a new home for turtles and a fresh hope for Serangan’ but the truth is, it’s a hope for anyone who knows just how important the conservation of the ecosystem can be. Give it a try, and experience just how beautiful it is to be in Serangan turtle conservation centre.


  1. Brad Jones  July 10, 2012

    Despite of the negative comments about Bali turtle island, we enjoyed our time there and the children had a great time. The grilled fish from the menu tasted okay.

    • Star  July 22, 2016

      At last! Something clear I can unradstend. Thanks!

    • günstigste versicherungsklasse pkw  November 19, 2016

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