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Lombok Real Estate A New Paradise Destination

A neighbouring island of Bali, Lombok, Indonesia is now attracting more tourists for its pristine beaches and affordable attractions.  For tourists who would like to avoid the throngs of people and commotion when vacationing in Indonesia, then Lombok is definitely the place to be.

Lombok’s pristine white beaches, especially those in the Island’s southwestern area, are quieter than Bali’s busy coasts.   Kuta, different from Bali’s Kuta, offers pure white sands to visitors.  There are also islands in the northwest that are ...

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Lombok real estate Lombok property for sale

Purchasing and investing in real estate in Lombok Indonesia is a fantastic and lucrative opportunity. A recent influx of foreign investment capital, particularly from rich Gulf region oil producing countries are such as Qatar and the U.A.E have turned these peaceful island sanctuaries into a truly mad investment frenzy. Qatari Diar, the real estate branch of the Qatar government’s sovereign wealth fund, is almost certain to win the bid for a six hundred million dollar tourism project located in Lombok, ...

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Lombok Real Estate is in high demand

Real estate in Lombok Indonesia is in high demand

Lombok is a small and diverse island with a heterogeneous geography and culture to that of Bali and has a lot of different locations offering many different lifestyle choices. In contrast to Bali, most people on Lombok are Sasaks, a friendly people with a culture and language unique to the island. Lombok has historically been a poor cousin to Bali’s tourism boom but that is changing with large amounts of investment pouring ...

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