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Tropical Swimming Pool Maintenance

Tropical Swimming Pool Maintenance

Everybody loves to enjoy the cool and soothing water of the tropical swimming pools in popular Bali. After a long hot day trip, visitors in Bali love to jump into the available pools in order to spend some time in an enjoyable and “free of heat” environment. Besides guests, these are also enjoyed by the owners themselves when not used by staying villa guests.

Running a tropical swimming pool with all its costs and maintenance issues in not very easy and requires skill and time. Especially for attracting more and more booking guests, regular maintenance of the pool is required because the criteria that people have in their minds is: “a well maintained pool is a good pool.” Here are some maintenance tips for the pool owners:

1) Sanitizing: this is a procedure to clean the pool from all sorts of bacterium and microbes using chlorine-an acidic gas. All you need to do is to buy a quality stabilized chlorine package and place it in the distribution container.Bali swimming pool

2) Replace Pumps: Pool pumps are to be replaced with time. Old pumps are unable to perform their function properly so they need to be replaced from the newer ones. Nowadays, the markets are full of small sized and advanced technological pumps that are more efficient and effective as compared to the primitive ones. Modern pumps are also very useful in terms of energy costs they save and they also require fewer chemicals. Thus such pumps are economically suitable.

3) Algae Inhibitors: Algae inhibitors are to be added frequently after a specific time interval to the pools in order to inhibit the growth of algae on the surface of pool water. Since the surroundings of tropical pools support algae growth so these inhibitors must be added in order to prevent the formation of “algae colony”.

4) Scanning of the pool: Your pool should be scanned on regular basis or at least once in a month to figure out any damage or cracks present. Such cracks or damages can prove to be harmful for swimmers as they might get hurt or any bacterial colony can reside in such “creeks.” So in order to avoid all such things you should get your pool checked for any damages and get those damages fixed up instantly.

5) Tarp the pool: This is a minor tip but is of great importance. When your pool timings are off, especially in summer season, you should cover up your pool with a shed or any other thing in order to avoid the accumulation of unwanted substances. This will save your time and energy for cleaning the pool.

That’s all about the today tips to maintain your swimming pool.


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